Fourpure – Session IPA

Fourpure - Session IPASo today is Day 1 in the #12BeersOfXmas with the Beer O’Clock Show and I’ve decided to start off a bit light.

Fourpure – Session IPA (4.2%, 330ml bottle)

Fourpure are another new London based micro-brewery (believe me I’m in no way complaining – it’s a great time to be a beer fan), and all of their beers come with really distinctive and eye catching branding – I really like the look of the bottles. But anyway, on to the beer itself…

Upon opening the bottle I got a nice subtle hop aroma mixed in with hints of mango coming from the cascade hops used – really quite pleasant. The beer itself is very lightly carbonated and upon pouring it had a thin white head, but this was gone within a minute or so; colour wise it’s a light orange and is slightly hazy. In the taste and mouthfeel this is pretty spot on for me and my current tastes (light, easy drinking, session-able pale numbers), it has flavours of citrus, mango and other tropical fruits with a firm but pleasant bitterness at the end. It’s quite thin as you would expect for this style of beer, but this married really well with the not so over the top flavours and dry bitterness.

Overall I really like this beer and I could easily see myself sinking a few of these in an evening. Well chuffed with my first beer of the #12BeersOfXmas – let’s hope the other 11 are just as good if not better!