Otley – O6 Porter

Otley - O6 Porter

Following the Christmas break I’ve managed to get a bit behind on the beerbods again! This is one I should have had 3 or 4 weeks ago, (I was just waiting for the real cold weather to settle in).

Aroma – Hints of roast coffee and chocolate were the predominant aromas that came through after first opening, but after a couple of minutes most of the aroma had disappeared to be honest leaving just the smallest hint of roasted malt.

Appearance – Deep and dark, with hints of red when put in front of the light. Not really much head formation.

Flavour – Roasted coffee, chocolate, toffee, nuts and biscuit throughout. It’s interesting and complex and really makes up for the slightly disappointing aroma.

Mouthfeel – Medium-light and with slight carbonation.

Overall – A really nice and drinkable porter.

Would I buy more? – I really quite like this one, so yes I’d definitely grab hold of some more for the cold evenings.