St Austell – Strawberry Blonde

I found this one in the shop at the Eden Project whilst on holiday a few weeks back and as I’m a bit of a St. Austell fan I’ve been looking forward to this since I got home!  I’m glad to report that it doesn’t disappoint!

Aroma – Sweet sweet strawberries dominate the smell of this one – that’s all I noticed.  To be honest it does smell a little artificial (due to the strength of the strawberry aroma), but it is a very nice smell.

Appearance – Light golden in colour and slightly hazy.  There was a small head on first pour, but that soon disappeared.

Flavour – A light maltyness and strawberries, lots and lots of strawberries.  The sweetness  is quite odd (i’m not normally a fruit beer drinker) but I like it.

Mouthfeel – Fairly light bodied and with a low carbonation.

Overall – I like it! It’s a sweet, fruity, thirst quenching lager. I’ll keep my eyes open for this one next summer!

Would I buy more? – Oh yes.

Cotswold Brewing Company – Cotswold Lager

Beer #2 from the BeerBods is a lager!  Not my favourite type of beer (by a long shot) but we’ll give this one a go…

Aroma – Only very slightly malty, a slight fruit note to it too. There’s not really a lot to it to be honest.

Appearance – Clear and very very pale straw in colour. The white head died off about 20 seconds after pouring…

Flavour – Crisp, dry, sweet and pleasantly bitter.

Mouthfeel – Light bodied with a most definite carbonic bite on the tongue.

Overall – A cold, light, refreshing lager.

Would I buy more? – Probably not. Not really my kind of beer to be honest, but quite a nice light lager…

Camden Town – USA Hells Unfiltered Lager

Taste – Dry but with a very good malt and hop character. A slight yeasty-ness in there too, but nothing unpleasant.

Aroma – Spicy hoppines

Appearance – Pale golden with a haze to it (due to it being unfiltered) and a creamy white head.  Well carbonated too.

Would I buy more? – If I could get more (It was a limited run earlier in the year), yes!

Camden Town – Hells Lager

Taste – Biscuity malt flavours, very subtle peppery hop bitterness, a little sweetness, and a dry finish.

Aroma – Lightly hoppy, slight smell of straw to it.

Appearance – Very pale (clear golden) and well carbonated with clean white head.

Would I buy more? – Hells (you see what I did there?!?) yes. I really like this lager – would be most refreshing on a warm summers evening.