Wye Valley – Dorothy Goodbody’s Golden Ale

Week three of BeerBods – this one’s much better than last weeks! 🙂

Aroma – Light malt sweetness, and fruity hoppy smells zinging off of this one.

Appearance – Light golden in colour and brilliantly clear. There’s wasn’t much of a head on it when I poured it out, and that soon disappeared.

Flavour – Sweet, but subtle maltyness, moderately bitter and finishes fairly dry.

Mouthfeel – Quite light bodied, but smooth and enjoyable.

Overall – A nice light blonde ale. Would be a great one to introduce people to good beer with.

Would I buy more? – I do think I would, it’s really quite nice – this would be a great session beer.

Badger – Golden Glory

It’s a brew day (details on that to come very soon) so i’m breaking out the beers early!

First up it’s Golden Glory from Badger…

Taste – It says it on the label and they mean it – Peachy! It has a real light malt and hop backbone, but the truly dominant flavour going through this one is sweet peaches – it’s also quite refreshing and light.  But, if you don’t like peaches, don’t go anywhere near this beer.

Aroma – Peaches… There’s not a lot else coming through to be honest.

Appearance – A nice light golden ale, quite well carbonated.

Would I buy more? – I’d happily sink a couple on a warm summers day if there was nothing else about.