Dogfish Head – 90 Minute Imperial IPA

Dogfish Head - 90 Minute Imperial IPAIt’s Day 11, the penultimate day of the #12BeersOfXmas and it’s time for another big US double IPA.

Dogfish Head – 90 Minute Imperial IPA (9%, 12oz bottle)

This one pours a nice orange colour with a slight hop haze and a lively carbonation.

The aroma is big on the US style citrus and tropical fruit notes – pineapple, mango, passion fruit, lychee – followed by a sweet malty character.

These characters follow on into the flavour of the beer, giving intense citrus and tropical fruits on a good strong malty backbone. It’s also quite full bodied and almost chewy. Each mouthful ends with a strong bitterness and a slight alcohol warmth. There’s a lot going on in this beer!

Overall this is a really good double IPA, not the best I’ve had but still well worth checking out.

Brewdog/Mikeller – I Hardcore You

Brewdog/Mikeller - I Hardcore YouIt’s Day 9 of the #12BeersOfXmas! Now it’s time for one of my all-time top beers…

Brewdog/Mikeller – I Hardcore You (9.5%, 330ml)

It pours a light straw colour at the base of the glass leading up to dark orange at the top with a smooth off white head.

The aroma is great, strong hoppy resin notes combined with a small amount of malt and citrus.

The flavour on this is where it really shines, the strong hoppy resin notes from the aroma are present, along with much more citrus and a very good sweet malty backbone and mild bitterness to round it all off. It’s also medium bodied with a medium carbonation level – this is a real pleasure to drink.

Overall this is a great double/imperial IPA and I bloody love it!

Firestone Walker – Double Jack

Firestone Walker - Double JackIt’s Day 3 of the #12BeersOfXmas and as it’s Sunday, it’s time to go for something a little stronger and pull out a big US double IPA…

Firestone Walker – Double Jack (9.5%, 12oz bottle)

It pours a light straw colour with a medium/high level of carbonation – look at the size of the head and the bubbles in the photo! That said, the head calmed down very quickly, but still persisted throughout the drink.

The aroma on this beer is wonderful; piney, resinous, sweet malty/toffee notes and a full-on hit of orange peel to round things off.

This complex mix of characters carries on into the flavour too – on the first couple of mouthfuls the orange peel, citrus and strong bitterness are all that your senses can take in.  Once your palate acclimatizes  itself to these and the beer starts to warm a little you begin to notice even more in this beer; sweet maltiness and hints of biscuit come through and this really rounds it off making each mouthful a delight.  The finish is quite sweet, but not cloyingly so, and medium bodied with a medium to high carbonation level – this really helps the flavours sing to be honest.

Overall, this is a great double IPA, it’s complex, full-on and delicious.  I’ve had this beer a few times now, but it’s always a bit special. If you can get hold of a fresh example in the UK* you’d be a fool to not have it! 🙂

* The one I had tonight is 5 months old, but it still tastes great.