Crooked Stave – Hop Savant

Crooked Stave - Hop SavantIt’s Day 10 of the #12BeersOfXmas, only two more to go! Today’s beer can only be described as “different”…

I picked this one up (along with a few others) whilst in New York a month or so ago and I’ve been really looking forward to trying this. It’s made by Crooked Stave, and it’s an American Pale Ale, made with Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops, but here’s the twist it’s fermented in oak foeders (they look like barrels) entirely with brettanomyces! This is my first 100% brett beer so here goes…

Crooked Stave – Hop Savant (6.7%, 375ml bottle)

The beer pours a very hazy light straw colour with a small white head that quickly disappeared.

The aroma is very very different – highly acidic, lemony, sweet and with a very faint hint of maltiness, not at all like a “regular” pale ale.

The flavour is very much aligned to the aroma; acidic, slightly sour and light bodied. The only beer I’ve ever had that is similar to this was a Rodenbach in of all places a Fullers pub a few months back – I really quite enjoyed that then, and I’m enjoying this one now. It’s not a beer for gulping down, but one for sipping slowly.

Overall I really quite enjoyed this one. It’s not one I could have every day, or every week even, but every now and then something like this would be lovely!