Brasserie Dupont – Saison Dupont

I’m getting a bit behind on the BeerBods

This is #4, Saison Dupont.  I’ve really been looking forward to this one as I’ve only ever had one other saison before (which I really enjoyed) and this is supposed to be the one that all other saison’s are judged by.  Here we go…

Aroma – Complex. Cloves, spiciness, malt, a hint of fruit and a bit yeasty – very interesting.

Appearance – Hazy;  pale gold in colour, with a creamy white head.

Flavour – Light fruits, banana, cloves, pepper and spiciness. Quite tart.

Mouthfeel – Light bodied, with moderate carbonation.  Dry and crisp – this really helps the flavours shine.

Overall – Very drinkable and delicious.  It lived up to the expectations.

Would I buy more? – Yes, yes, yes.

Rochefort – Trappistes 6

Aroma – Malty, caramel smells mixed in with a subtle hint of prunes.  You notice the alcohol in the aroma too.

Appearance – Dark dark copper in colour, and very hazy.  Well carbonated, but not much head formation.

Flavour – This follows on from the aroma closely, strong malt and caramel notes, accompanied with a complex fruitiness – prune/cherry type flavours abound.  This is all followed up by a warming alcohol taste.

Mouthfeel – Noticable alcohol warmth, light/medium-light bodied and well carbonated which gives a tingle on your tongue.

Overall – Rich and complex – nice.

Would I buy more? – It’s not blown me away, but I would happily buy/drink another one.  But I think I could only drink one of these of an evening.