Hi, my name is Daz and this is my blog about beer. I’m a homebrewer and beer geek living in Luton in the UK. By day I’m a software developer working in London (if you’re interested in that stuff, I occasionally write about it on my other blog), but my biggest hobby outside of the world of computers is beer and brewing so I thought I’d start writing about that here.

I’m most definitely not a beer snob, not by a long stretch, I like all kinds of beers and can quite often be found enjoying beers/lagers from big beer companies when there’s nothing else available or my mood takes me there! 🙂


I’ve only been homebrewing for a short time, it’s something I always fancied trying but just never got around to it. A couple of years back I finally plucked up the courage to get hold of a basic starter kit: a pressure barrel, fermentation bucket and a spatula, with this I did a couple of pre-prepared kits, and that was enough to give me the bug – next thing I knew I was investing in an all-grain setup!

That as they say is that. I’m now a few batches down the all-grain path and loving the results so far and also enjoying the freedom to try whatever I want with my beers.