Brewdog/Mikeller – I Hardcore You

Brewdog/Mikeller - I Hardcore YouIt’s Day 9 of the #12BeersOfXmas! Now it’s time for one of my all-time top beers…

Brewdog/Mikeller – I Hardcore You (9.5%, 330ml)

It pours a light straw colour at the base of the glass leading up to dark orange at the top with a smooth off white head.

The aroma is great, strong hoppy resin notes combined with a small amount of malt and citrus.

The flavour on this is where it really shines, the strong hoppy resin notes from the aroma are present, along with much more citrus and a very good sweet malty backbone and mild bitterness to round it all off. It’s also medium bodied with a medium carbonation level – this is a real pleasure to drink.

Overall this is a great double/imperial IPA and I bloody love it!

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