My First Hefeweizen – Results

So here’s the results from my first attempt at making a hefeweizen

Taste – Banana, citrus, a little bit of grapefruit – it’s light and refreshing.  It tastes at it’s best chilled.

Aroma – To be honest, it doesn’t smell that great (but then again, there’s not many hefe’s that I like the aroma of), there’s a bit of a sulphur hint, along with citrus and a slight yeasty overtone.

Appearance – Light, cloudy (when you swill the yeast out of the bottle), and with a small amount of carbonation (this could do with being better next time). It looks fairly similar to the Weihenstephan hefe you can get in most UK supermarkets.

Would I brew it again? – With a few tweaks to the recipe yes – it could do with a touch more carbonation and a bit more body to it.  I love a good hefeweizen so I’m determined to get this one perfect. 🙂

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